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Tips for Human and Equine Athletes

It is so important for any athlete to be adequately prepared for any event. Your body must be ready, fit and strong to perform the task required of your event. If you know that you have not trained enough rather re-assess and choose another event, it will definitely prevent injuries due to fatigue or weakness. Sort out any niggles or discomforts that may be hampering your training. Winter is now approaching and take care to stay warm during and after your exercise, this will prevent injuries and hopefully keep flu at bay. If you start to experience any sore throat, sniffles or body aches, please have it checked out. It could be very important to your general health!!!!

Equine athletes also need specific preparations for their shows. They work hard and are large bodies that do exceptional activities. Make sure they cool down properly after their hard workouts, hose down legs after hard jump lessons or flat work sessions, the tendons will thank you for that! Also now that cooler weather is upon us, make your warm-up a little bit longer, they need to be ready for those jumps and circles!!!

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