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Author Archives: Petra Zikmann

Change and variety in all exercise is good.

It is important for all athletes, equine and human, that you have variety in your training programme. Firstly it is good for your muscles and general biomechanics to vary the way they have to work. Always keep in mind that you have to work for strength, control and endurance and this is why variety is […]

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Posture and Form – corner stones of all performances

It is absolutely crucial for any athlete, equine or human, to have a good and well balanced posture, this ensures optimal performance in any athletic event. The muscles and joints in the body work in relationship to each other and if any of these relations are disrupted, an imbalance can occur. This will minimise the […]

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Rehabilitation – the Essential must-do!

After any muscular injury or surgical procedure, it is absolutely crucial to rehabilitate the injured and now healed structures. Failure to do so will lead to recurring injuries in the exact same area or in a different body part. Injuries causes weakness in muscles and this has to be rehabilitated after the muscles have healed […]

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Tips for Human and Equine Athletes

It is so important for any athlete to be adequately prepared for any event. Your body must be ready, fit and strong to perform the task required of your event. If you know that you have not trained enough rather re-assess and choose another event, it will definitely prevent injuries due to fatigue or weakness. […]

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