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As Petra is a human as well as an equine physiotherapist, her aim is to focus on the riders, their horses and how they work together.

This is made up of a two-fold plan:

Rider-Horse Posture Clinics
Each rider on his/her horse and assess and correct posture by means of correct core engagement. This helps to make horse and rider work in balance together.

Rider Treatment Sessions
Some riders may have recurring injuries or niggles and in treating that will make their riding easier as well.

Times for both these activities can be worked around the availability of riders and horses.

Riding specific injury rehabilitation physio treatments available.

About Equine Physiotherapy

Horses are athletes that compete in a variety of disciplines. These activities place strains and stresses on their muscles and joints. It is essential to maintain the optimal strength and mobility to help them perform at their best. Factors that can contribute to the equine athlete are:

  • Confirmation flaws
  • Poor and incorrect schooling
  • Poor conditioning
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Ill fitting equipment

There are lots of different breeds of horses and many combinations of breeds so it is also critical to assess each horse individually and rehabilitate the animal to its maximal performance. Petra offers equine physiotherapy to keep your horse in top shape.

Petra is registered with the SAVC.

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