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Petra Zikmann offers the following physiotherapy services:

  • Postural assessment and correction.
  • Soft tissue mobilization – specific techniques to release tight muscles as in Trigger Point therapy.
  • Massage.
  • Spinal and Joint Mobilizations – Mobilizing the joints of the spine or any other joints to restore normal range of motion.
  • Dry Needling – Needles being used to treat trigger points to help muscle release.
  • Strapping – Immobilization of affected area to reduce pain and restore function.
  • Neural Tissue Mobilizations – Mobilization of the nerve tissues using the joints and muscles that are innervated by that nerve.
  • Exercise programmes and rehabilitation.
  • Sinus treatment.
  • Chest physiotherapy.
  • Individual injury rehabilitation.

Home physio treatments/call outs available. Contact Petra to book an appointment.

Physiotherapy for horse riders/equestrians

As Petra is a human as well as an equine physiotherapist, her aim is to focus on the riders, their horses and how they work together.

This is made up of a two-fold plan:

Rider-Horse Posture Clinics
Each rider on his/her horse and assess and correct posture by means of correct core engagement. This helps to make horse and rider work in balance together.

Rider Treatment Sessions
Some riders may have recurring injuries or niggles and in treating that will make their riding easier as well.

Times for both these activities can be worked around the availability of riders and horses. Read more about Equine Physiotherapy

Riding specific injury rehabilitation treatments available.

Pilates guidance

Petra offers guidance on how to perfect Pilates movements and is able to advise on injury specific movement beneficial to your recovery.

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