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How can Physio help?

Factors that contribute to musculo-skeletal conditions are sustained positions such as sitting a whole day at a desk in front of the computer! Another factor is normal day to day activities such as mowing the lawn or picking up a baby or child. Muscle spasm can occur at any stage to anybody fit or unfit when the muscles are required to perform an activity that they might not have been prepared for. The other common injuries are ankles, shoulders and knees. These generally occur with sporting activities either out on a playing field or in the gym. The route to proper healing is correct acute management of the injury. We as physiotherapists are first contact practitioners so you can come directly to us for treatment. In some injuries X-rays would be required but physiotherapy will help you manage your injury and Petra will be able to determine if physio is the right option or not. Chest physio is generally needed when a lung condition is not clearing up and when some active physio is needed to clear the infected lobes of the lung.

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