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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is modern non-invasive solution for problems associated with the musculoskeletal system. This method is well-known in human medicine for many years due to great results in orthopedics, rehabilitation and sport medicine. The main medical effects of shockwave therapy: Analgesic effect – elimination of pain Decrease of muscle tension Inhibition of nociceptive fibers Acceleration […]

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The benefits of a CLX band

Without the CLX band, the rider has no assistance in correcting any potential postural flaw. The horse is moving well but occasionally puts the neck in extension. With the rider now wearing the CLX bands, a better posture is achieved and in doing this, the horse is also in better working frame with more hindquarter […]

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Handy Horse Stretches

NECK STRETCHES SIDE Stand against the shoulder of the horse. Place one hand on poll and other on the muzzle and gently ease the neck to stretch towards you. Allow time for horse to release and stretch. If possible hold stretch for 10 counts. Do to both sides. Use a carrot or treat and get […]

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Hints & Tips

2013 Physiotherapy Tips for Efficient Rest, Breaks and Exercise Take short frequent breaks away from your desk before you feel that you need them! Try to do the opposite movements than you have been doing during your break. So if you were hunched forward – stretch a few times backwards with your arms and shoulders […]

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Personalised Treatment for your Needs

For optimal performance it is necessary to have all the structures involved to be healthy and strong. Strains and stresses of daily activities or sport leads to injury of muscles and joints. To be able to restore proper function of the muscles and joints, effective treatment and rehabilitation is necessary. Each person has a unique […]

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How can Physio help?

Factors that contribute to musculo-skeletal conditions are sustained positions such as sitting a whole day at a desk in front of the computer! Another factor is normal day to day activities such as mowing the lawn or picking up a baby or child. Muscle spasm can occur at any stage to anybody fit or unfit […]

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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the treatment and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal conditions. This can be done to a human, equine or canine patient. The human body has many joints and muscles that makes it an extremely versatile moving functional machine. The most common conditions that we treat are neck and back strains, whether it was caused by a […]

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