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Petra Zikmann Physiotherapy offers a wide range of services for both human and equine patients.

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the treatment and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal conditions. This can be done to a human, equine or canine patient. The human body has many joints and muscles that makes it an extremely versatile moving functional machine.

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How can Physio help?

Factors that contribute to musculo-skeletal conditions are sustained positions such as sitting a whole day at a desk in front of the computer! Another factor is normal day to day activities such as mowing the lawn or picking up a baby or child.

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Personalised Treatment for your Needs

For optimal performance it is necessary to have all the structures involved to be healthy and strong. Strains and stresses of daily activities or sport leads to injury of muscles and joints.

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Shockwave Therapy

New shockwave therapy now available. Find out more.

Home Treatments

Appointments for home physio treatments available. Enquire now.

Articles of Interest

Petra has proven time and time again that she one of the best around. Reliable and knowledgeable, I have her do monthly maintenance physio on my 18 year horse and he is feeling like a 5 year old!

Lene Barrett

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